It’s Time For a Change

I haven’t written a post in a few weeks, and there’s a reason.  I’m going through a mental revamp.

In the last six weeks, I have gone through the most turbulent emotional time in my adult life.  It had gotten so bad, that I didn’t get out of bed for days and days.  I barely ate.  I barely slept.  I barely showered.  It was rough!

Now I have come out on the other side, and I can say that I’m a better person because of this experience.  I learned a lot about myself.  I learned the importance of having the right people around me.  I also realize how important it is to stay spiritually connected to God.

If you are going through something right now, know this.  You can endure more than you believe.  You have power.  You have choices.  Make the choice that best fits you and your unit. Your unit can be your family, your team, etc.  Do what will allow you to live your very best life.  To live any other way is spiritual suicide.  Your life means something and you are here to deliver your special gift to the world.

As I said earlier, I’m going through a mental revamp, and because of this, this blog is going to be revamped as well.  In June you will see a new title.  You will see more postings throughout the week.  You will see more pictures.  You will get more of me and the message behind this journey.  Yes, this blog will still be a place where you can receive some encouragement, but you will also see much, much more.

I’m excited!  I hope you are too.  Get ready for a fun time.

I thank you for sticking with me.  I hope you will like the new changes.  I hope we all take steps to make our lives better, so we can help someone else.

Pray, meditate, then take action

Here’s to living essentially,


Step out of the box!





As we grow older, many of us become “fixed in our thoughts” or set in our ways.  When we don’t explore new ideas, foods, and experiences we limit out opportunities.  There is so much to life than what we experience in our homes, on our block, on our street, and in our neighborhoods.   The world is so vast.  There are wonderful people to meet, beautiful things to see, and exciting places to  go.  Step out of your box, and see what’s new.

Pray, meditate, and take action.

Live essentially,



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So have you written down your plan for the new year?  Have you created a vision board of what you would like to achieve?  What are you waiting for then?  If you are in the Detroit area, there is a unique opportunity to attend a seminar on how to create kick-ass goals and vision boards.

Monday, January 19, 2015 @ 12:30 pm

Lunch and learn

“Goals and Vision Boards”

Teppanyaki Grill & Buffett  7838 Telegraph  Taylor, MI 48180

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Where I am vs. Where I want to be




There is a long road from “where I am” to “where I want to be”.  I have a vision for my life, and it far exceeds what most think I am capable of doing.  I’m not going to lie, what I’m preparing for is huge, and it’s a little intimidating.  But I believe that God will bless my efforts, and I will reach my goal in 18 – 24 months.

I declare that 2015 will be my best year yet, and it’s because I have a plan.  Not some “pie in the sky” type  plan, but a real plan with measurable goals.  Years prior, I would enter the new year without a plan.  Then at the end of the year on my birthday, I would be disappointed because I didn’t achieve anything I intended on achieving.  This  time around, I’m not hanging on to intentions.  I have set goals. I’ve written them down.  I’ve put them in a place where I can review them regularly, so that I can stay focused on what’s important. I’m excited, and nervous, but I truly believe God will bless my efforts because I have a plan.

What are your goals for 2015?  What is your strategy?  Do you even have a vision for your life?  If not, it’s time to do some serious thinking.  Don’t spend this year just coasting.  Find your purpose, write down your goals and plan of action, then get to work.  If you want 2015 to be better for you and your family, it will only happen with a concerted effort.  By the way, if your vision is completely about you, and isn’t about becoming a better person in order to help someone else get better, then I think you’re missing the purpose of  life on earth.  Either way, get going.  You owe it to the world to be the best that you can be.

Pray, meditate, then take action.

Here’s to living essentially,


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