Forgiveness is a choice


Did you really read the title of this post?  Read it again, please.  You read it correctly!  Forgiveness is a choice.  You decide whether to forgive or not.  You have the power to choose forgiveness.  If you’re still holding grudges it’s because you want to.  You feel powerful when you’re holding a real or perceived “wrong” over someone’s head.  There’s a problem with holding a grudge though.  When you don’t forgive, you’ll never be forgiven, and being unforgiven is burdensome.

For a long time, I blamed my mother for many of my life’s problems.  I thought it was her fault and her fault alone.  Man, was I wrong!  It took some time, but I began the process of forgiving my mother.  I now realize she did the best she could with the coping skills she had developed at the time.  Today, my mother and I are in a much better place.  No relationship has rebounded faster over a span of twelve years.  At one point, I truly hated my mother, now after going down the path of forgiveness, I talk to my mother at least two to 4 times a week.  Yes, we are still having those uncomfortable conversations, but it takes us a step closer to healing.  You have to be willing to feel the pain in order to process deep feelings.  The thoughts that once harmed you can be replaced with positive thoughts that give you energy and life.

Below is a video that helped me tremendously.  I do not own this video, but I hope you will watch this and start the process of forgiveness.  It won’t happen overnight, but when you make the choice to forgive you will begin to see the beautiful results of forgiveness.  The greatest outcome is freedom.

Affirmations:  I respect my mother’s journey.

I will learn to heal.

I receive forgiveness for myself and my mother.


Pray, meditate, then take action.

Here’s to living essentially.


Share your story of forgiveness in the comments below.  By helping others, you help yourself.



If Your Life Sucks Then Your Beliefs Suck Too


Hate To Do This To You Again But by James Wilkinson

Hate To Do This To You Again But by James Wilkinson


In recent months, I was in a tremendous slump.  I felt disconnected from my God, from life, from others.  I became so angry that I began yelling at everyone in my house, including my children.  My home became increasingly messy because I didn’t have the energy to clean up regularly.  My grades took a nose dive and I barely passed my classes.  My husband and I were in a constant state of disagreement, that I was contemplating divorce.  I had lost control and I felt completely defeated.  One day in bed, I was watching videos on YouTube and came across a series of videos that truly helped me.  While watching these videos I realized I could change my situation if I re-framed what I believed.

When I began to examine my beliefs, I realized I had some very self-defeating thoughts that lead to self-defeating behaviors.  I learned that many of my negative beliefs stemmed from my childhood, and those feelings that I felt had to be recognized and dealt with in order for me to begin healing.  Once I realized my past, and took responsibility for the role I played in continuing the cycle, I then had to recreate my beliefs to reflect what I want to manifest in my life.

If your life isn’t what you’d like it to be, then you should examine your belief system.  I guarantee that is the source of your dismay.  Your thoughts are based on a underlying belief system that ultimately drives your behavior.  For example, If you’re dating or married to someone that mistreats you, then you probably believe you’re not worthy of love and respect.  This belief probably stems from your childhood, and was made manifest in your adult life.  Here’s the kicker.  Your thoughts will support your beliefs.  You attract what you believe.  Whatever you’re struggling with in your life, you should reflect on what you believe about yourself.

If your life sucks then your beliefs do too.  If you positively change your thoughts your life will change positively.

Affirmations:  I am capable

                       I am able to change my beliefs

                       I am able to make a change

                       I have the power to move mountains

Pray, meditate, then take action.

Here’s to living essentially,


Is your belief system serving you in a fulfilling way?  Tell your story.


Here’s another video that may be helpful.  It was helpful for me.


Why Change is Good an How You Can Make a Positive Change


Picture by Angel NIgels via

I am going through a metamorphosis, and this blog is as well.  Change is good!  Here’s why I felt this blog needed some tweaking.

I’m working to make things better in my life, and I wanted this blog to reflect that as well.  Including the first set of changes, more is coming this June and I’m excited!  Here are some of the changes you will see in the ensuing blog posts.

  • I’ve changed the categories.  The old categories were confusing to me, so I figured they had to be confusing to others.  Instead of twenty categories, there are just 5 main categories with five subcategories. This makes categorizing easier for me, and easier for readers to find the content they are looking for.  I will add more categories, but I promise to keep them uncomplicated.
  • The weekly posting date will change from Thursday to Friday.  This blog’s readers read most of the content on Friday, so it seemed natural to change the day.  Plus it allows for implementation of the blog post over the weekend.  Planning is key.  I will also post during the week.  So keep your eyes open!
  • You’ll notice affirmations at the end of the blog posts.  This way we can use the affirmations to implement what we want to effectuate in our lives.
  • I’ll encourage feedback.  I want you to share your stories.  I don’t have all the answers, so I’m open to read what others think.  Of course, we won’t agree on everything, but a great conversation can broaden our perspectives and ultimately make us all better.  “So don’t be shy.  Leave a Reply”
  • As “The E/O Chick”, you will see more information about essential oils, their many uses and benefits.  Since I have been introduced to essential oils, my life and my family’s life have changed tremendously.  I’m also actively looking for individuals that not only want to improve their health, but also want to build a viable business.  You can create the life of your dreams here.

So those are just some of the changes you’ll see in this blog.  I hope you’ll enjoy the changes, and get more from this blog.  That’s my hope and intention.

I told you change is good!

Now here are four ways you can make a positive change in your life.

  1. Make the decision to change.  No one change the outcomes you experience in your life except you.
  2. Create a plan that supports the change you’re seeking.  There are various steps to reach a goal.  Understand there will be setbacks.  Learn from the lessons you’ve learned.  Tweak the plan.  Move on.
  3. Celebrate your changes.  Celebrate your victories.  This will get you to begin to focus on the positive.


“All changes in my life are positive an empowering”

“Change helps me grow”

“Change energizes me”

You will find these great affirmations and more at Affirm Your Life. 

Pray, meditate, take action

Here’s to living essentially.

Jae, “The E/O Chick”

Help please!!



First, I want to say thank everyone that follows this blog. I began this blog as a space for me to share my thoughts about my life.  I wanted to talk about my struggles.  I never expected to get the great response.  I mean, this blog is less than four months old and to have all of you is awesome. Thank you.  Really, thank you!  I can’t begin to express my gratitude.  You all are awesome.  You make me want to become better.  I know there are better blogs out there, but you decided to choose me and I want to say “thank you”.

Now I need your help.  Please fill out the poll.  I would like to get an idea of those of you who are interested in learning about essential oils and how they can positively impact your life.  Help me help you.  That’s why I’m here.  I’m here, ultimately, to share my story so I can help you.

Please answer this poll.

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If you are on unsure of whether essential oils are for you, you should watch this short video.

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself by Hans Olofsson

Take Care of Yourself by Hans Olofsson

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I needed to take a mental break. I had so many things on my plate that I felt completely overwhelmed.  I began forgetting, and making unusual mistakes because I allowed too many things to enter my mental space. I found myself using my cedarwood essential oil incessantly.

When you begin to feel mental drain it’s usually due to lack of planning, and/or indistinct boundaries.  Either way, the issue is do you care enough about yourself to decline the things that don’t serve your being.  As  a recovering low “self-esteemer” (I just made that up), I struggle with creating boundaries.  I don’t want to disappoint people so I take on things that I don’t want to.  I allow their problem to become my problem, although I had nothing to do with creating the problem.

The key is to realize that you (and I) are worthy of peace and calm within our spirits.  If you are asked to do something that doesn’t serve your being, and isn’t a part of your personal agenda, then it’s okay to decline respectfully.  You (and I) have to do what makes you feel most like you.  It’s authentic.  It’s real.  If people do not understand that, then you may have to make a tough choice to limit or even eliminate being in their presence so that you don’t reflect their energy.

Overwhelm is self-inflicted. Choose to have a plan.  Choose to have boundaries.

Pray, meditate, then take action.

Here’s to living essentially,


Are you interested in learning about essential oils and how they can work to support your natural health.  Then join my team.  Get healthy today! 

Changes to this blog will be coming soon.  I’m wrestling with whether I should turn this into a daily blog, or continue as weekly.  It’s a difficult decision because it would mean it would take more of my time.  However, I want to sit quietly, listen to the Holy Spirit and make a decision that will serve everyone.  Please be patient with me.  Just know that I’m working on becoming a better person in order to present better content, but I want to make the best decision.  I appreciate your patience in this transition.