Forgiveness is a choice


Did you really read the title of this post?  Read it again, please.  You read it correctly!  Forgiveness is a choice.  You decide whether to forgive or not.  You have the power to choose forgiveness.  If you’re still holding grudges it’s because you want to.  You feel powerful when you’re holding a real or perceived “wrong” over someone’s head.  There’s a problem with holding a grudge though.  When you don’t forgive, you’ll never be forgiven, and being unforgiven is burdensome.

For a long time, I blamed my mother for many of my life’s problems.  I thought it was her fault and her fault alone.  Man, was I wrong!  It took some time, but I began the process of forgiving my mother.  I now realize she did the best she could with the coping skills she had developed at the time.  Today, my mother and I are in a much better place.  No relationship has rebounded faster over a span of twelve years.  At one point, I truly hated my mother, now after going down the path of forgiveness, I talk to my mother at least two to 4 times a week.  Yes, we are still having those uncomfortable conversations, but it takes us a step closer to healing.  You have to be willing to feel the pain in order to process deep feelings.  The thoughts that once harmed you can be replaced with positive thoughts that give you energy and life.

Below is a video that helped me tremendously.  I do not own this video, but I hope you will watch this and start the process of forgiveness.  It won’t happen overnight, but when you make the choice to forgive you will begin to see the beautiful results of forgiveness.  The greatest outcome is freedom.

Affirmations:  I respect my mother’s journey.

I will learn to heal.

I receive forgiveness for myself and my mother.


Pray, meditate, then take action.

Here’s to living essentially.


Share your story of forgiveness in the comments below.  By helping others, you help yourself.



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