Have You Seen The Changes?

Picture by Brian on flickr.com

Picture by Brian on flickr.com

I told you it’s time for a change, and I meant it.  If you’ve been following this blog then hopefully you have noticed a couple of new changes.  The first change you may notice is I changed the theme.  Mentally, I am moving in a new direction, and I needed to see colors that reflected that.  I also changed the tagline from “Raising my self-awareness while using essential oils” to “The Life and Sayings of the E/O Chick”.  The former tagline was boring.  The new one is more indicative of my vibrant personality.  You can look forward to frequent postings, more pictures, and topics that show my serious and fun side.  I’m going to talk about being a mom, fitness, fashion, and of course health and wellness with essential oils(I mean, I am the E/O chick), and more.

Here’s why change is necessary.  I’m tired of life happening to me.  I’ve decided to take control of my life, (through prayer and mediation) and create the life I believe I should have. If you’re stuck in this rut, make the decision to do whatever it takes to get out of it.  You are more than your circumstances. The only person stopping you is you.  Learn to love yourself enough to give yourself the best.

Pray, meditate, and take action

Here’s to living essentially,


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