Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you!

Having just celebrated  my 39th birthday yesterday, I  am so grateful for my life and this opportunity to be here.

I want to thank you for clicking the link that brought you to this blog.  This blog is about my journey to “being me, essentially”.  For so many years I’ve been what others have wanted me to be.  This has lead me to many years of unhappiness, and rebellion.  I have a different vision for myself, and yet, I squashed that vision to be what others wanted me to be.  This year I’ve decided I’m doing it my way.  I’m going to follow my dreams, and make 2015 the best year yet.  What I’ve finally realized is that the vision for my life may not look like some others, and that’s okay.  I’m finding my courage, and stepping out on faith, and I’m walking the path that was made for me.

You may be on the same journey.  If that’s true, great!  We can support each other along the way. This will be an amazing journey, that will be filled with excitement and pleasure.  It will also have it’s difficult moments when we have to accept responsibility for our poor choices, past and present.  However, by the end  of the year, we’ll have made such a transformation that our friends and loved ones won’t recognize us.  We may not even recognize ourselves.

My hope is by sharing my story I will help you in some way.  I am a wife, mother, autism parent, student, volunteer, and much more.  This blog is going to chronicle my thoughts about this life I’ve been given, and how I navigate it at the best of my current ability.  I would like for the ensuing posts to be a place where we can dialogue and help others, while having a positive conversation, so bullying is not allowed.  There is a way to disagree without being disagreeable.

So here is to having a great year!

Pray, meditate, then take action.

Here’s to living essentially.


Please follow this blog.  Thank you!

Upcoming posts

1/8 —> Where I am  vs Where I want to be

1/15 –> Step out of the box!

1/22 –> My thinking

1/29 –> Be grateful

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Just whats needed today and this year. Thxs for writing and sharing… I look forward to the journey. This year I have a few things to do myself, so I’ll be checking in from time to time.



    • Thanks for stopping by. This is a weekly blog so I hope you come back often. You can also follow this blog just to make sure you see every post. Here’s to having a phenomenal year.


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